The best blankets keep you cool all summer nights

The best weighted blanket for anxiety is from mageblanket

Best Cool blankets for summer

When the hot summer comes, who needs a blanket when the temperature is warm or hot outdoors? People still need a thin blanket to prevent cold when they sleep in an air conditioner at night. The best summer blankets keep you cool all night, enough to help you fall asleep without making you sweat.

When it comes to weighted blankets, images of comfort, warmth and sleep tend to emerge in people’s minds. In my childhood, because living conditions are not superior, there is no air conditioning and electric fans in the family, the only drawback in summer is that it is too hot. Mum would always put up blankets and store them in my wardrobe until the cool autumn came. It won’t be hot to cover a thin sheet in summer, but it’s insecure, and even on a stormy summer night, you might catch a cold.

In response to this situation, people designed a special weighted blanket for the summer. The best cool weighted blankets are made of breathable, hygroscopic materials such as cotton, bamboo and linen. Not only will these blankets not make you sweat, their thermal conditioning performance can even help you cool down. Therefore, after our long-term market research, the following list of some summer blankets, can be considered by customers.

Mageblanket: Best cooling weighted blanket

Cooling weighted blankets help improve sleep to some extent. The principle is to reduce the metabolism of the sleeper by releasing serotonin and reducing the activity of the nervous system, thus providing a calming experience. In addition, if a weighted blanket for children is used over a long period of time, it can regulate and improve the body’s release of melatonin levels.

Pure cotton blanket with good breathability

Cotton clothing not only has the function of absorbing sweat, but also has good breathability. And pure cotton blanket doesn’t cause skin allergies, so you can feel good about it. This hot-throwing blanket is made of 100% ring spinning cotton and does not contain any chemicals or synthetic materials. In view of this, families can buy a few more pure cotton weighted blankets for adults, one on the sofa and the other on the bed.

Well-absorbent linen blankets

A 100% pure linen blanket has three main features: First, soft and comfortable, excellent touch. Second, it can absorb moisture and sweat, which makes your skin feel cool. Third, it has a certain thermal adjustment function, really do winter warm summer cool. In addition, due to the use of double-sided weaving process, pure linen blanket durability is very good, long-term use is still as new.

Hypoallergenic Duvets

Down is the best insulation, usually suitable for winter use, at the same time the price is also very high. A good set of duvets is filled with hypoallergenic fine velvet and is filled in the square module during stitching, which means that the drop fill does not spread unevenly as you move. Due to the extremely light weight of the duvet, using it in the air-conditioned rooms in summer can provide perfect warmth.

Natural Bamboo Fiber Throw Blanket

Bamboo blankets have good ventilation, including breathable fabrics, cool quilt and soft inner. Used on summer nights, both cool and comfortable. If you compare sales data, you will find that this product is the best selling product in summer. In addition, bamboo fabrics have natural antibacterial and odor-resistant properties, making them an ideal blanket for afternoon picnics and other outdoor summer adventures.

The best blankets keep you cool all summer nights
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